Create Memorable Moments with Memo Cake App.

Memo provides a simple and reliable way of celebrating loved ones by ensuring a beautiful cake is delivered on their best days. With Memo Cake App, you can easily schedule to send and receive cakes ahead of time and then never forgeting to make memories that last a life time.

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About Logo
About Memo

Memo is all about helping you remember to create memorable moments in the lives of those that matter to you on their best days while you are busy with other things in life. With memo you can never miss a celebration because we created a service that you can rely on to deliver cakes on important events like Birthdays, Anniversaries, Surprises, Valentine or just because it's Wednesday.

Our mission is to enable you deliver memorable moments, one city at a time to anybody, anywhere in the world. How about you pause reading this now and "Schedule a Memo" for family friends or well wishers. 😉


Inside Memo Cake App

Cake Schedule

Easily create multiple schedules on Memo Cake App to be delivered to various people at various locations.

Announce Events

Easily remind or notify your friends & family ahead of time to remember to send you a cake on your upcoming events.

Dashboard View

You have access to a summarized view of recent and upcoming activities on the Memo Cake App.

The Showroom

Access and make a choice of cake from a host of the best cake vendors in town.

Payment Option

A very secure way to easily checkout with multiple payment options to suite your preference.

Feedback Option

Rate the vendors and share your undiluted feedback to enable us improve our service.

Memo Vendors

How to Become a Vendor

Join our growing number of over 300 vendors on Memo Cake App across Nigeria for free and start processing orders.

Become a Vendor

Get Started

Sign up as a vendor and give us details about your business, location and capcity to handle orders.

Quality Check

Our internal quality assurance team will be in touch to review our terms & conditions and approve your request to be a vendor.

Approved Memo Vendors

Stay within the comfort of your business location and process orders.

Download The App

Get started with the Memo cake app which is available on the App store and Google Play store respectively.

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What our users think about Memo


Memo User

Memo's service was amazing. I've had first hand experience from them twice. First was a suprise birthday cake from them which was amazing by the way both delivery and quality and second was a delivery for a family member which was also amazing. Please continue the great service.


Memo Vendor

I was actually skeptical about MEMO, but then i was willing to work with MEMO and take a risk then i signed up and behold, MEMO came through for me. I'm glad I trusted MEMO and I look forward to working with them always. Thanks MEMO. Satisfied Client.


Memo User

It was my brothers birthday and I really wanted to make it special but I was in Abuja while he lives in Lagos. I discovered and they made it easy for me to send a cake to my brother.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver only cakes?

For now, we deliver only cakes. We are working on including other items and will keep you updated.

Where is your service available?

We are currently in Lagos & Abuja. Other cities coming soon.

What are the available payment options?

You can pay with your debit or credit card, ussd or bank transfers. We do not accept payment on delivery due to the nature of the business.

What's the icing on the cake?

Our cakes are butter icing. Whipped cream and fondant cakes are all in the pipeline.

As a vendor, how many orders do I get in a month?

The number of orders is relative to your location with respect to customer orders.

As a vendor, who handles the delivery?

Memo will primarily handle all deliveries however, in a difficult situation/location we may seek the assitance of the vendor.

As a vendor, how do I receive payment?

Payment for orders are prepaid atleast 48 hours to the delivery to your bank account.

As a vendor, who chooses the design od the cake?

The customer has the option to choose a deisgn within our showroom or allow the vendor user her discretion.